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CN-106937710-A: 适合水貂冬毛生长期的发酵饲料及使用方法 patent, CN-106937781-A: 一种新型电暖雨伞 patent, CN-106937961-A: Water-soluble Ganoderma lucidum powder and preparation method thereof patent, CN-106938171-A: 废气除雾箱 patent, CN-106938577-A: Pre-sharpened multi-section barrel-type 2B pencil for examination patent, CN-106938953-A: 板栗专用基肥的制备方法 patent, CN-106938983-A: 一种烯烃化合物的合成方法 patent, CN-106939658-A: Renovation system for hidden framing curtain wall patent, CN-106939859-A: 柴油机油箱出油口自冲洗结构 patent, CN-106940680-A: Software maturity evaluation device and method patent, CN-106940990-A: 显示面板的充放电方法及驱动装置、显示器 patent, CN-106941195-A: Lead-acid storage battery mudribs and preparation method thereof, and lead-acid storage battery patent, CN-106941323-A: Rectification system for electrolytic aluminum patent, CN-106941424-A: 一种基于ttdp协议的冗余切换方法及设备 patent, CN-106941554-A: Method for adjusting display mode of contacts during conversation process and terminal patent, CN-106944034-A: Efficient self-cleaning film of (Si,Y)-co-doped TiO2/redox graphene compound and preparation method thereof patent, CN-106944449-A: 风阀控制方法、控制装置、控制系统和通风柜 patent, CN-106944607-A: 一种孕育合金晶粒组织数值预测方法 patent, CN-106944617-A: 一种具有检测功能的金属粉末液压机 patent, CN-106945567-A: Multifunctional new energy source automobile charging device patent, CN-106946123-A: Construction hoist patent, CN-106946946-A: Preparation method of platinum anti-tumor drug miriplatin oxide patent, CN-106946951-A: 一种柚皮苷及其制备方法 patent, CN-106947235-A: 一种高透光的亚克力钻石 patent, CN-106948201-A: 一种基于柔性转子且物化碎浆的制浆设备 patent, CN-106949199-A: Movable gear-shift two-gear transmission device with pawls driven by two wheels patent, CN-106949736-A: Smelting heating equipment patent, CN-106949840-A: 一种裂缝监测装置及方法 patent, CN-106950031-A: Liquid nitrogen injection device for continuous high-speed wind tunnel cooling system patent, CN-106950479-A: Insulating bar location device patent, CN-106950708-A: 光分波合波器件 patent, CN-106950919-A: 一种基于温度校准的机床位移补偿方法和系统 patent, CN-106950921-A: Machine tool having function of monitoring sealing of control panel patent, CN-106951427-A: 一种业务对象的数据抽取方法及装置 patent, CN-1069530-A: Large-area once operation precise brushing plating technology patent, CN-106953911-A: Bus information display system through adoption of inter-vehicle communication patent, CN-106954652-A: 一种滚筒型连续烘烤烤饼炉 patent, CN-106954787-A: Red rice powder rich in organic selenium and preparation method thereof patent, CN-106954980-A: 旋转升降货架 patent, CN-106955995-A: 一种可调型塞杆机构控制装置 patent, CN-106956771-A: Multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicle patent, CN-106957583-A: Hole-sealing treating solution for aluminum plate and preparation method of high-hydrophilic aluminum plate patent, CN-106957842-A: Bac克隆dna的提取方法 patent, CN-106958943-A: Electrical heating solid heat storage boiler and electrical heating solid heat storage system patent, CN-106961143-A: Method and system for realizing storage battery intelligent power supplying to pull rod audio set patent, CN-106961714-A: Processing method of transmitting power state conversion time, and terminal patent, CN-106962191-A: Method for generating hybrid liriodendron somatic embryo by using jasmonic acid methyl ester patent, CN-106962652-A: 一种180天‑360天幼香猪的饲料 patent, CN-106963241-A: 净水器 patent, CN-106963505-A: 一种种植体上部侧向螺丝固位修复体制作方法 patent, CN-106963838-A: External liniment for treating scalds and burns and preparation method of external liniment patent, CN-106964128-A: Method for controlling twirling supporting protection devices for figure skating patent, CN-106964155-A: Placement of user information in a game space patent, CN-106964639-A: 排泄物无害化处理方法 patent, CN-106965062-A: Contact-type wire belt grinding machining device patent, CN-106965656-A: Clamping structure for automotive sunroof made of polycarbonate glass patent, CN-106965699-A: Electric vehicle charging control method and device, vehicle-mounted communication box and electric vehicle patent, CN-106965971-A: Automatic feeding device for knives, forks and spoons patent, CN-106966609-A: 化学强化用浮法玻璃 patent, CN-106966767-A: 餐厨垃圾能源化、肥料化及饲料化融合处理工艺 patent, CN-106967165-A: Method for extracting keratin from rabbit hair fibers by using cysteine as reducing agent patent, CN-106967378-A: Soybean non-formaldehyde adhesive applicable to fiberboards patent, CN-106968071-A: 一种服装生产用节能型布料风干装置 patent, CN-106968569-A: 新型防盗门 patent, CN-106969058-A: 一种球铰传动轴 patent, CN-106969118-A: 与坦克或装甲车配套使用的传动机构 patent, CN-106969415-A: 室内空气净化装置 patent, CN-106969533-A: Semiconductor refrigeration box and heat radiating device thereof patent, CN-106969774-A: Navigation method and device, terminal, server and system patent, CN-106970196-A: 一种风光互补型水质自动监测装置 patent, CN-106970967-A: Track line database real-time updating method and system patent, CN-106973242-A: Light source compensation method for camera module patent, CN-106976031-A: 用于钢包下渣量检测接头的安装定位工具 patent, CN-106976830-A: Capping device patent, CN-106977311-A: Nutrient solution for ginkgo transplanting and preparation method patent, CN-106977598-A: Glycosylated repeat-motif-molecule conjugates patent, CN-106978059-A: 硅烷封端剂改性双组份聚氨酯防水涂料及其制备方法 patent, CN-106979112-A: 具有顺序燃料喷射的多孔燃料喷射器 patent, CN-106979183-A: 具有可组合的传动和执行回路的系统 patent, CN-106979868-A: 一种触发式水底沉积物采样装置 patent, CN-106980284-A: 一种可对租赁物品消毒的取还系统及其方法 patent, CN-106980285-A: Embedded type high precision accelerometer signal acquiring system patent, CN-106980372-A: 一种无需地面操控终端的无人机操控方法及系统 patent, CN-106980984-A: 一种产品状态监控方法、装置和系统 patent, CN-106981551-A: 一种led芯片电极结构及其制作方法 patent, CN-106982341-A: Method and electronic apparatus for generating time-lapse video patent, CN-106982829-A: Application of guaiacol in preventing and treating lettuce diseases and application method patent, CN-106983942-A: 一种医用超声波雾化器 patent, CN-106984093-A: Self-cleaning ultrasonic water purifier patent, CN-106984551-A: Wireless sorting indicating device, system and method patent, CN-106984755-A: Extruding-punching forging die for hub unit patent, CN-106985041-A: 一种木料抛光机 patent, CN-106985202-A: Precise punching device special for cylindrical PV plastic film patent, CN-106985252-A: 竹制品用自动化加工设备 patent, CN-106985435-A: 一种滤渣(泥)脱液(水)压团打包的方法 patent, CN-106985677-A: 车辆太阳能充电装置、系统、控制方法以及车辆 patent, CN-106986075-A: Mechanism for stripping of capsules or tablets in board blocks lacking grains patent, CN-106987661-A: 一种皮革用切割装置 patent, CN-106988297-A: 电渗联合碱激发加固软黏土地基的施工方法 patent, CN-106989358-A: 光束控制部件、发光装置、面光源装置以及显示装置 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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